Information about the founder of Liquivision Technology


LiquiVision Technology's founder Brent R. Budden has been an innovator and philanthropist in the commercial diving industry for nearly 40 years, and has been specializing in potable water reservoir maintenance for over 35 years. Brent's most notable innovation has been the invention of the LiquiVac® which is a underwater vacuum combined with a rotating soft bristle brush and suction that scrubs potable water reservoir floors and walls clean of any biofilm or sediment. The LiquiVac® is the only tool in the industry capable of achieving such results. Brent has been an entrepreneur throughout most of his life, mostly consisting of diving related ventures. Currently Brent owns LiquiVision Technology, Arrow Weights (diving weight manufacturer and distributor), and also Aqua Toys (retail dive store). Brent also holds a variety of qualifications including: National Association of Commercial Divers, NAUI instructor trainer, dive control specialist instructor, underwater bridge inspector, scuba inspector, dive rescue volunteer, and finally is a hyperbaric chamber operator volunteer. Furthermore, He studied in Japan for two and a half years, and is fluent in Japanese. Other than being a successful entrepreneur, innovator, and philanthropist; Brent is a devoted rancher and family man.