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LiquiVision Technology Inc. specializes in professional and affordable potable water reservoir maintenance services, including; cleaning, inspection, repairs, safety upgrades and interior/exterior sandblasting/coating renovation. We also offer other commercial diving services such as but not limited to intakes/outfalls, dams, and non-potable water ie. reclaimed and raw water tanks.  

LiquiVision Technology's customers are municipalities, federal and state government entities, military facilities, and privately owned water systems.

In over 35 years of providing commercial diving services, LiquiVision Technology continues to satisfy every customer as if they were our only customer. We are dedicated to accomplishing every job with utmost professionalism, safety, and efficiency.                                      


We are continually upgrading our procedures to offer the best solution for the needs of our customers. Whatever the need may be, we either have a solution already, or can invent one for the task at hand. LiquiVision Technology's shop personnel are experienced and talented in fabricating new tools and equipment.  

Satisfaction is guaranteed! We have proven that our patented technology and methods are the superior system for cleaning, and many of our customers use us as a "sole source" annually.



With over 35 years of experience, LiquiVision Technology’s divers have inspected cleaned and repaired literally thousands of water storage tanks. We have maintained potable and non-potable water storage tanks ranging in size from 6 thousand gallons to 62 million gallons. Construction types have included steel (welded, riveted, or bolted), concrete, redwood, and earthen hypalon lined reservoirs.  

Time, experience and our patented state of the art equipment is why LiquiVision Technology is the leading commercial diving authority in the industry.


LiquiVision Technology follows the standards used to evaluate the conditions of reservoirs which include: Standard Method of Evaluating Degree of Rusting on Painted Steel Surfaces – SSPC-Vis 2-82 & ASTM D 610-85 NACE Standard RP0196-96 & RP0388-2001, Weld surface Conditions - AWS B1.11:2000 and Condition of Concrete In-service – ACI 201.1R-92.  

LiquiVision Technology's commercial dive operations are done in accordance with all applicable federal and state OSHA, and ADCI requirements.                                                                                                                                                                        


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