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Potable Water Tank Cleaning- Water tank cleaning on-line and full of water!
Liquivision Diving Services
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Collector Wells

  When challenged with the removal of 70% corrosion blockage from seven lateral pipes in a Collector Well, LiquiVision Technology retrofitted a special high pressure water jet and successfully completed the job, removing all corrosion down to bare metal. The process included the fluffing of the material approximately 2 feet around the laterals. This process restored 97% of the water flow of original construction. LiquiVision Technology accepted the challenge when others said it couldn't be done.


   If you have intakes or outfalls that need inspected or dredged, then LiquiVision Technology has the equipment and expertise to perform the work. Our dive boat, dive platform, and 8" floating dredge can be mobilized to your site in order to perform these services. When inspecting these areas we use the same high resolution video recording and reports that you will find in our reservoir inspections.


Potable Water Reservoirs
Reclaimed Water Reservoirs
Raw Water Reservoirs
Waste Water
Collector Wells
Intakes/Outfalls/Grit Chambers


Floor Cleaning is performed using our patented LiquiVac® underwater vacuum system. This system was designed and built for the specific purpose of cleaning drinking water reservoirs. The LiquiVac® has a rotating, soft bristle brush that is completely enclosed in the aluminum housing. The brush scrubs the floor clean while the vacuum neatly removes the sediment. By not creating turbidity, the LiquiVac® helps to maintain the water quality. The LiquiVac® also removes the biofilm growth underneath the sediment that other cleaning methods leave behind.


In the past, it was virtually impossible to allow a reservoir to remain in-service while the walls were cleaned because of the amount of turbidity created while brushing them. Now, the LiquiVac's® unique design allows it to be used on the walls as well. With other options, such as column cleaning and pipeline cleaning, you can choose to avoid the strain of draining the reservoir and still achieve a thorough cleaning.